The European Union charter on focus

August 24, 2023

The European Union charter on focus: The third student workshop in Dublin, Ireland, 5-11 March 2023explored the theme of mythology from the perspectives of heritage,history, mythmaking and advocacy

The third student workshop of the DIMYMYDI project Mythology: Identity was held in Dublin, Ireland, 5-11 March 2023. The workshop was an ambitious and dynamic event, uniting a diverse group of 10 staff members and 35 students from various programmes across all five partner institutions. The participants represented a broad spectrum of expertise within the creative industries, encompassing design disciplines such as communication, costume, information, interaction, digital, dynamic, kinetic, 4D spatial, speculative, and fashion. Additionally, the workshop included participants specialising in animation, art, data visualisation, photography, intermedia, printmaking, film, generative coding, generative artificial intelligence, and videography. Notably, teaching staff from IADT's Design for Film (costume) programme, as well as designer and social advocate Niall Sweeney, played a key role in the success of the workshop.

The workshop's objective was to critically examine the aims and fundamental principles of the European Union charter, with each group given specific principles to interrogate. This exploration culminated in the creation of kinetic and dynamic digital responses in which participants successfully translated their insights and interpretations into motion postcards, posters, films, and costumes.

Throughout their stay in Dublin, participants were immersed in a rich learning experience. They attended talks and presentations from Dr. Linda King, Dr. Tina Kinsella (HoD), Dr. Daithi MacSithigh (Head of Research), Gerard Fox, Sonya Hogan (Erasmus Officer) and renowned Irish artist/designer/activist Niall Sweeney that explored the theme of mythology from the perspectives of heritage, history, mythmaking and advocacy.

Additionally, they had the opportunity to explore the local culture through immersive visits to museums and exhibitions including the National Museum of Ireland and Epic Emigrant Museum, further enhancing their perspectives and experiences. They also partook in a walking tour of Dublin City Centre led by historian Lorcan Collins to gain a greater understanding of the mythmaking within Irish historiography.

The workshop's outputs were showcased in the prestigious National Museum of Ireland (NMI). The event attracted significant attention from the design community, cultural stakeholders, and other educational partners, highlighting the workshop's influence and relevance in the broader academic sphere.